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Visit Beautiful Pelion in Greece

The magic of Pelion is that it is an ideal destination for holidays every season of the year. Spring time in Pelion is beautiful, with the flowers and plants blooming after the harsh cold of the winter. Summer time is when the beaches are filled with people who swim and enjoy the summer sun.

In Autumn, the leaves start changing to a golden-reddish-brown colour and begin to fall gently down. Winter sees Pelion covered in a blanket of white powered snow, as though the whole region has been whitewashed. Truely an experience to see.

The famous ski centre of Agrolefkes on Mount Pelion is a very popular winter destination for travellers from both Greece and the rest of the world. It offers very high international standards and offers a range of winter activities. The views from the ski centre are ones that you will never forget, looking out over to the Aegean Sea and the Pagasitic Gulf. 

Holidays in Pelion

During the hot summer months, there is almost an embarassment of beautiful beaches available where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool clean blue waters. Pelion has been blessed with some of the most unique nature and views in all of Greece. There are photo opportunities almost everywhere you look.

The many villages around Pelion are full of beautiful traditional mansions, fresh water springs, and paths that you can follow to take a walk through the green nature and into a place of complete tranquility. There are also many interesting places to visit around Pelion such as museums, and beautifully decorated churches and chapels. Your holidays and adventures in Pelion will be ones that you will always remember and cherish forever. 

And at "Milina Holidays" we can make those experiences for you that much better. We can organise travel and accommodation for you, transportation so you can fully explore this wonderful area of Greece, and also interesting excursions around Pelion and beyond, as well as cruises to the nearby Sporades islands. We truely look forward to welcoming you to Pelion, and hope that you will allow us to make your holiday here as magical as Pelion is itself.

How to Get to Pelion in Greece

Pelion is actually a very easy place to arrive at. There are several ways of travelling to this region. The airport at nearby Nea Anhialos is one place from which to arrive by plane. Alternatively, you can take a flight to the nearby island of Skiathos, and from there take a ferry boat or flying-dolphin over to Pelion.

You could also take a flight to either Athens or Thessaloniki, and from there, drive to Pelion. Driving to Pelion from Athens ( 4 hours ) or Thessaloniki ( 2.5 hours ) is a popular way of getting here, as along the way, you can see some other interesting and beautiful regions of Greece.

For those who cannot drive, there are bus and trains services from the major cities in Greece to the city of Volos, which is actually located right at the foot of Mount Pelion.

We can arrange private transfers with taxi's, mini bus or coaches for larger groups. There really is no excuse for not making Pelion part of your agenda when you travel to Greece.

At "Milina Holidays" we can arrange all travelling tickets for you, to make your journey here as easy and as comfortable as possible.

Useful Information

For your convenience, we have compiled a selection of useful information for your holidays here in Pelion. Please remember that if you have any specific questions regarding either holidays in Pelion or our services in general, please do not hesitate to contact us, where our friendly personnel will be more than willing to help you.

Map of Pelion Greece

Useful Telephone Numbers for Pelion

Anhialos Airport: (24280) 76.886
Volos Port Authority: 28.888
"Flying Dolphins" Seacraft (24210) 39786 / 39787
KTEL - Volos Bus Station: 33253 / 25527
KTEL - Athens: (210) 8317186
KTEL - Thessalonika: (2310) 543087
KTEL - Patra: (2610) 222164
National Railways Organization of Greece (OSE): 28555 / 24056
OSE (Athens): (210) 524 0646
OSE (Thessaloniki): (2310) 517517
Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT): 24915 / 36233
Prefecture of Magnesia: 70951 / 70932
Volos Town Hall: 21111
Police - Tourism Department: 72420 / 72421
Volos General Hospital: 27531
Hospital in Volos: 27531 / 39225 / 30012

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