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Excursions and Tours in Pelion Greece

In order to help you get the most out of your holiday to Greece, "Milina Holidays" are pleased to be able to provide interesting excursions for you to participate in during your stay with us.

As well as running several excursions around the Pelion Peninsula, we also offer excursions to other interesting regions of Greece such as Meteora. With it's famous monasteries on top of the huge rocks, Meteora is a region that everyone to Greece should try to visit.


Milina Holidays - Pelion Greece The smallest train that runs in Europe, a very traditional day out. It leaves from Ano Lehonia, passing through tunnels, going over arch bridges, passing waterfalls through the forests of Pelion. We will then visit the church in Milies and the beautiful village of Vizitsa, see the old traditional houses, walk around the square. Time for lunch there, before heading back to Milina.

PRICE: Adults: 48,00 Euro - Children: 38,00 Euro ( Lunch is included in the price )


Milina Holidays - Pelion Greece We start the trip from Milina and we make our first stop in the mountain village of Tsagarada, we stop for morning coffee underneath the 1000 year old plane tree. Moving then to Kissos and Hania. Time for lunch in a taverna which overlooks the Pagasitikos Gulf. Back onboard - relishing the scenery at great heights looking the blue ocean in the distance. We will visit the charming mountain village of Makrinitsa and on the way down you will have tremendous views of Volos.

PRICE: Adults: 48,00 Euro - Children: 38,00 Euro (Lunch is included in the price )


Milina Holidays - Pelion Greece A wonderful opportunity to visit a very beautiful mountain village, by the name of Lafkos. The first stop is to the old bakery with a traditional wood oven. After that we will go through into the square with the ten plane - trees to see the old kafeneon and the church. Then we join the path way which will take us into Milina, with the aroma of herbs and wild flowers around and the wonderful views of Pagasitikos Gulf.

PRICE: 10,00 Euro


Milina Holidays - Pelion Greece Meteora is famous for its monasteries situated in a fantastic landscape on top of giant pillars rising up to 600 meters above sea level. The history goes back to the 11th century AD when the first hermits sought peace in the rifts and caves of the rocks. We will visit two of the monasteries, then travel down to Kalambaka have lunch in one of the tavernas, looking at the magnificent sight of Meteora.

PRICE: Adults: 55,00 Euro - Children: 40,00 Euro ( Lunch is included in the price )


Milina Holidays - Pelion Greece This trip is an opportunity to visit another part of Pelion and the village of Milies. You will stay for an hour next to the waters and rocks in the shade, listening to the information about the train and the history of Milies. We will see the De Chirico bridge and the church of Taxiarchis. At the end we will arrive at Kala Nera crossing an old neighborhood among the olive groves.

PRICE: 20,00 Euro

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